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November 22, 2013
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   "A kitten!" You squealed running up to Crimson holding the white piece of fluff. " Uh huh. Found it where Slendy hunts!"
Jeff finally catched up to you breathing heavily."(y/n)!" Smiling sheepishly you turn around and face the killer." Sorry Jeff... She found something though!" He looked at you inquisitively as you turn to hold the creature. " She found a kitten!"
   You burst out grinning. " I should'a known it had something to do with a damn animal..." He mumbled looking at the cat.
" And a black cat at that! no wonder he's from this place!" Eyes widening you look at the small feline again. Sure enough, it was indeed black. You turn back to Crim. " Where is the white one?" " Right there....." She points to the white cat that reappeared in your arms. "What?" 
    You take a step back and stand straight forward between the two pastas. Then something strange happened. The cat that was in your arm, jumped out onto the ground, changing into two different cats. One midnight black with white tipped ears, and one as white as snow, with black tipped ears. "Polar opposites...." Crim whispered. 
    You honestly did love animals a lot and you always had a soft spot for them. You really wanted to keep them. Sure you wanted to keep all the animals you found,(( and you usually got your way)), but you REALLY wanted these two.
    "Yin and Yang. That's what they are gonna be." You exclaim the black one rubbing against Jeff while the white one laying on Crim's foot.
     " No. (y/n) no. We already have a lot of creatures that you have found at the house. We don't need another one." You frown at him picking up his cat. "You don't get to decide that. Besides its not like you hate any of them!" " Do you not remember when you took in the last strange creature?" " Okay. I'm sorry for not knowing it was only half a dog!" "Did you even think to look at his other half?" He replied smirking. "  Well Half'n'Half is a great dog so just shut up were keeping them!" " Well I'm pretty sure that is up to Slendy hun. His house his rules."
     You stroke the black fur already devising a plan to get him to agree." We'll just see about that." You shoot back standing up holding Yin in your arms. "There is no stopping you is there? Well lets see how this plays out."
    You march into the mansion, your (f/c) boots making a thumping noise as you scan for the faceless man. "Oh Sleeennndyyyy!!!"You drawl out in sing song voice hoping to get his attention. When that didn't happen you poke at Crim a little before she got the message to get him, since Crim is after all dating the man himself.
((so sorry I ship my Oc with him >~<))
     In a loud voice you both start to talk, Jeff placing himself on the counter edge watching the whole thing happen. "You did what Crim? You made out with JEFF?" His eyes widen a deep blush crossing his face before he started scowling.
"Yes (y/n) but you mustn't tell Slendy ok?" " But shouldn't he know about it? I mean don't you LOVE JEFF MORE?"
    You hear a choking noise and look to Jeff as he is being choked by Slendy's tentacle." You little fucker you made out with MY GIRLFRIEND! I'M GONNA KILL YOU YOU BASTARD!!!"
    Crim walked up to him wrapping her arms around him."Shhhhhh....... Slen we were only getting your attention.... Jeff didn't do anything..." His tentacles slowly release him and he hops off the table getting behind you and using you as a shield.
    " Don't do that again Crim. I was going to kill him." As Crim was consoling the enraged pasta, you sit Yin down on the table beside Yang where they became one cat again.
    "Ok sorry for interrupting but I need to ask you something Slendy." You pat his shoulder trying to get the two lovers away from each other. " Oh, uh yes?" You swore you saw a brighter white on his cheeks." I found an animal and its necessary that I keep them."
   " Now (y/n), you always say its necessary, but do you really need it?" You wrap your arms around him. 
"SSSSLLLLEEEEEENNNNDDDDYYYYYY!" He pulls you off lightly with a tentacle. " I don't think its a good idea (y/n)."
You frown giving him one of the best sad faces you got." Pleaaassseee Slendy? I'll keep them in my room and everything!" 
"Yeah along with Halfy, and Smile, and all the others." Jeff chimed in and you send him a death glare.
   "The answer is no (y/n). You already have too many." You sit on his leg grabbing on tightly." I'm not moving till you say yes. You drove me to this. I neeeed this cat. So just say yes." He looks at you giving off a mental face palm.
  " (y/n) your acting childish. Get off my leg at once." "NO." You say defiantly.
   "(y/n)." He says with a warning in his voice. "Not until I get to keep it!"
"(y/n) I already told you my answer is................"

Just a little girl ((JeffxReader)) 2by So-Not-Cool-Soul

Literature / Prose / Fiction / Horror / Introductions & Chapters©2013-2014 So-Not-Cool-Soul
Crim,Yin and Yang belong to meLlama Emoji 03 (Sparkles) [V1]
Slendy,Jeff, and le other pastas belong to those creators
You belong to you :3
Oh and half'n'half belongs to :iconravenxfox: 
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